Choosing the right cemetery

Choosing the right cemetery is an extremely important decision as this determines where family, friends and future generations are able to remember and honour a life.

People choose cemeteries for a variety of reasons, including tradition, family connections, proximity to home or because a certain cemetery is characterised by history, prestige, tranquillity or sheer physical beauty.

We recommend that this crucial decision is one that key family members should make together.

Historic Dandenong Community Cemetery

Established in 1857, Dandenong Community Cemetery is administered and cared for by the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (SMCT), which is a community based, not-for-profit organisation, committed to serving the needs of our communities.

All cemeteries cared for by SMCT are beautiful, tranquil and distinctive destinations to honour and celebrate life.

Characterised by towering gums and historic memorials, Dandenong Community Cemetery is a peaceful, rustic cemetery that serves the local community with affordable burial and cremation memorial options.

The grounds, which span 4 hectares (or 11 acres), are the final resting place of our district’s pioneers.

We are proud of our history and since the cemetery has been entrusted into the care of the SMCT, we have been progressively documenting the many historic records.

You are always welcome to visit our grounds, where historic memorials and intricate ironwork will remind you of a bygone era.

Embracing all religions and cultures

Dandenong Community Cemetery is also culturally rich, embracing all religions and cultures.

Our experienced Client Services Consultants are trained to meet the needs of various faiths and we respect and understand that certain traditions and rituals must be honoured.

Chapels, function facilities and crematorium

If you would like to have a funeral service at Dandenong Community Cemetery, we are able to accommodate your requests, by erecting a suitable marquee in an agreed location, given appropriate notice. We can also assist you with floral arrangements, organised through our florist at Springvale Botanical Cemetery’s Café Vita et flores.

Regarding funeral services, you also have the option of conducting a service at Springvale Botanical Cemetery or Bunurong Memorial Park, which are also administered by the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust. These cemeteries provide the full spectrum of cemetery services, including a crematorium, chapels and on-site function rooms with catering.

So, if you choose a burial or cremation memorial within Dandenong Community Cemetery, we can always assist you by coordinating additional services with Springvale Botanical Cemetery or Bunurong Memorial Park.

For more information on chapels, services, functions and facilities, please see Springvale Botanical Cemetery and Bunurong Memorial Park.

Dandenong family connections

As Dandenong Community Cemetery was established in 1857, many families have an existing and ongoing connection and choose our cemetery for this reason.

Many families have a strong desire to keep family members together.

Special places for personal, cultural and community needs

At Dandenong Community Cemetery, we pride ourselves by meeting the many and varied needs of the communities we serve. For this reason we have created special places within our gardens, in which to honour and celebrate life. These include:

  • Roman Catholic
  • Church of England
  • Presbyterian
  • Church of Christ
  • Methodist
  • Non-Sectarian
  • Russian Orthodox Monumental Graves
  • Druze Monumental Graves.

An easily accessible location

Positioned in the heart of Greater Dandenong and less than 40km from the City of Melbourne, Dandenong Community Cemetery is located within close proximity to East Link and Dandenong Bypass, and is easily accessible to the surrounding community.

Other cemetery locations

The Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust administers and cares for seven other cemeteries and memorial parks. All are not-for-profit, community-based cemeteries. You may like to consider these, according to your family connections, their proximity to you or for their historic, religious, cultural or aesthetic appeal.

For more information regarding the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, please click here.


Brighton General Cemetery

Established in 1854 – 12 hectares (30 acres).

A most historic and significant cemetery in the heart of Brighton. The prestigious final resting place of eminent Victorians.

Currently available: Graves, which include the exclusive Red Brick Lawn Grave area, mausoleum crypts and cremation memorials.

Bunurong Memorial Park

Established in 1995 – 120 hectares (300 acres).

Contemporary and distinctively Australian, this progressive memorial park is beautifully landscaped with an abundance of lakes and calming water features.

Currently available: Extensive mausoleum, grave and cremation memorial opportunities.

Cheltenham Memorial Park

Established in 1933 – 20 hectares (50 acres).

A distinctive, community focused Bayside cemetery, characterised by stately palms and shaded pavilions.

Currently available: Graves, cremation memorials and mausoleum opportunities.

Cheltenham Pioneer Cemetery

Established in 1865 – 3 hectares (5 acres).

An intimate and historic pioneer cemetery characterised by towering trees and closeness to the community.

Currently available: Graves and cremation memorial opportunities.

Melbourne General Cemetery

Established in 1852 – 43 hectares (106 acres).

Iconic, exclusive and prestigious, this historically significant cemetery is characterised by its prime location and notable interments.

Currently available: Saint Mary of the Cross and Gatehouse Mausoleum crypts, cremation memorials and limited grave opportunities.

Springvale Botanical Cemetery

Established in 1901 – 169 hectares (422 acres). Australia’s world-class botanical cemetery.

Magnificent, diverse, historically and culturally rich.

Currently available: Extensive grave and cremation memorials.

St Kilda Cemetery

Established in 1855 – 7 hectares (18 acres).

Prominently located and steeped in history, this intimate and tranquil cemetery features iconic memorials in a garden oasis setting.

Currently available: Cremation memorials and limited grave opportunities.